Gear Sale

The Northwest Passage has a full assortment of outfitting items (tents, stoves, water storage, tarps) along with our SUP, Kayaks, spray skirts, paddles, PFDs, and other paddling accessories for sale year-round.  Equipment has been used for programs and local trips. For information on specific boats or other equipment please email us at or go to our Contact page to send a request.

Please note that we do not ship used items. 

For a list of our offerings please click here and download the latest pdf of watercraft. This list is subject to change. 

Payment by cash or check. 

Liquid Shredder Shred-X

Hard Roto Molded Polyethylene skin makes this SUP board extremely tough. Made in the USA

Length: 12'  Width: 32”  Weight: 45 lbs

Color: Red and Blue

Suggested Retail: $900

Our Price:$750 (our SUP boards have been slightly used)

Lifetime Youth Hooligan SUP

The Emotion Crush Youth Paddleboard is specifically designed for kids ages 5 and up or up to 130 lbs. The wide stance provides great stability and tracking in both surf and flat water. The fin easily folds into the bottom of the board for safe, out of the way storage. 

Length: 5'  Width: 30”  Weight: 28 lbs

Color: White

Suggested Retail: $450

Our Price:$325 (our SUP boards have been slightly used)


Wilderness Systems Tsunami 135 Youth Kayak

The lowered cockpit height and moderate length make this kayak an excellent performer, yet easy to manage. Ideal for female and small-framed paddlers. 
Material: Length: 13' 6” Width: 23” Weight: 50 lbs
Color available: yellow

Suggested Retail: $1169
Our Price: $700 (our kayaks have been slightly used)

Wilderness System Tempest 165

As one of the most capable sea kayaks on the market, the Tempest is beginner-friendly, but packs performance design features excellent for experienced paddlers. Shallow V-hull gives great control, edging, and speed in calm or rough water conditions and features a drop-down skeg. Bomb proof roll? This boat makes it easy! 
Material: Length: 16' 6” Width: 21.5” Weight: 55 lbs Max Capacity: 300 lbs
Suggested Retail: $1,599

Necky Chatham 16

An ideal coastal explorer with great maneuverability and superb rough water performance. Full-chined hull provides great stability and quick response to edging and lean turns. Bow, day, and stern hatches with bulkheads. Staff favorite. Will not last long at this price. 
Material: Polymer Length: 16' 5” Width: 22” Weight: 59 lbs
Color available: red

Suggested Retail: $1,699
Our Price: $960 (our kayaks have been slightly used)

Necky Looksha 17

The Looksha 17 easily accommodates medium to larger paddlers and all of their gear. And when stowing gear, you'll find the bow and stern hatches are the largest hatch openings ever designed by Necky. High initial stability, excellent glide and outstanding acceleration ensure that strong currents, tides or wind-chop up to four feet won't slow you down.
Material: Polymer Length: 17' 4” Width: 23.75” Weight: 65 lbs
Color available: red

Necky Eliza

Necky designed the Eliza Kayak specifically for women paddlers looking to tour in a lightweight, maneuverable kayak. Pack your weekend gear into the bow and stern hatches and cut through strong headwinds thanks to the Eliza Kayak's low deck profile.  A staff Favorite, the Eliza Kayak responds well to women paddlers who bring up to 160 pounds of their pure paddling excitement to the water.
Material: Polymer Length: 15'3.5” Width: 22” Weight: 49 lbs
Color available:Red

Valley Aqunaut

This is a high performance expedition, kayak allowing for a generous amount of gear and is equipped with three watertight VCP hatches, three integral bulkheads, cable operated retractable skeg system, perimeter deck lines and bungees, and a wide comfortable backstrap, as well as Yakima footbraces and adjustable thigh braces. The kayak is built with a standard keyhole cockpit (29.5"x16").  Built for paddlers of all sizes, the Aquanaut is a staff favorite.

Perception Umiak/Carolina 12

Kid's Boat! This is a junior touring boat for those younger water lovers that weigh up to 120lbs. Integrated seat and foam floatation pillars help make it light weight, so it's easy to handle. This is a great starter boat!

Color Available: Yellow
Length: 12'2" Width: 21.5"  Weight: 38lbs   Storage: N/A

Retail Price: $500
Our Price: $325 (our kayaks have been slightly used)

Dagger Drift

The Dagger Drift is a great family boat to have in your fleet. The seating system allows for three seats to be mounted in the cockpit of this extremely stable recreational kayak. Great for day trips on calm water, fishing and site seeing in National Park areas. This boat should only be used on greater bodies of water if the conditions are very calm since it only comes equipped with one rear bulkhead.
Colors Available: We have many colors in stock!
Retail Price: $850
Our Price: $650 (our kayaks have been slightly used)

Dagger Blackwater II 13.5T

A multi-dimensional wonder that’s great for families, kayaking duos, or to just paddle solo. This stable, yet nimble boat offers quick acceleration and good speed for longer trips with premium outfitting for comfort. Switch up the layout and use the third seat for smaller passengers, or move the bow seat to the center for paddling alone.

Color Available: Blue

Length: 13’ 10” Width: 30.25”  Weight: 78lbs

Retail Price: $895

Our Price: $650

Necky Eskia w/ Rudder

This versatile kayak can manage any conditions; from short paddles on calm waters to busting through the biggest waves. With sealed hatches and a rudder, this makes for a great expedition boat. 

Color Available: Yellow

Length 16' Width 25" Weight 59lbs 

Retail Price: $1,429

Our Price: $550

Perception Acadia II

Maybe you don't like to paddle alone. Then check out the Acadia II. It's flexible enough to accommodate long-legged and petite paddlers alike with adjustable roto-molded seats that are on rails for a custom fit. The stability is rock-solid so you can comfortably bring one of the kids - or even Rover - along for the ride. We even include a removable kid's seat.
Colors Available: Orange
Retail Price: $850
Our Price: $650 (our kayaks have been slightly used)

Perception Sundance 2

The 15.0 was designed with couples and families in mind. It features a large cockpit and equally large seats with plenty of space for gear. If you'd like to make it a solo trip, the bow seat slides back to the middle of the boat. Or if you want to bring the whole family, pop in the removable kid's seat.
Color Available: Red only
Retail Price: $850
Our Price: $650 (our kayaks have been slightly used)


For those in search of outstanding all around performance and full volume, search no further. The new 11.6 offers a fairly flat rocker line and ample floatation for maximum glide. Width is carried from front to back for added stability, while subtle rail shaping keeps the board nimble.

Length: 11'6” or 11' 3" Width: 30” Weight: 30 lbs

Color: Red 

Suggested Retail: $1,100

Our Price:$800 (our SUP boards have been slightly used)