Here you can find all The Northwest Passsage press clippings we've accumulated over the years.

Paddle around Crete on a family vacation By Phil Marty Chicago Tribune

Crete Family Adventure

By Phil Marty Chicago Tribune

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP): The Killer Workout You Need to Try by Christy Coughlin

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. According the the Outdoor Foundation, more than 2.8 million people participated in this popular water sport in 2016. If you haven’t seen SUP on a body of water near you, it’s coming!

Kayak trek offers perspective on public access to Lake Michigan shoreline. By Daniel I. Dorfman Pioneer Press

Copyright Dan Dorfman Chicago Tribune.

Moments before members of an invited group honed their kayaking skills on Saturday at the Glencoe Beach, Laurie Morse of the Glencoe Community Foundation offered a simple message about Lake Michigan.

"It belongs to you," Morse told the contingent.

The Foundation-hosted morning kayak trek, which lasted about an hour, was aimed at providing perspective on how the public can access and enjoy the shoreline.

PolarExplorers Journey to South Georgia Island

PolarExplorers Journey to South Georgia Island

As the name suggests, Polar Explorers guides adventurers to the most remote Arctic and Antarctic regions. Keenly aware of the rich history of Polar exploration, the tour company guided a Centennial North Pole expedition in 2009 and a Centennial South Pole expedition in 2011.

             In 2015, Polar Explorers traversed South Georgia Island to re-create what lead guide Annie Aggens calls, “one of the greatest adventure stories of all time.”

Fifty Places to Paddle Before You Die: Kayaking and Rafting Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations

by Chris Santella · Stewart, Tabori and Chang · Hardback · 224 pages · ISBN 1617691259

"Adventure to the North Pole"

Adventure to the North Pole

Trekking to the top of the world with PolarExplorers

By Alan Fox


"5 Ways to Get Fit Out on the Water"

Summer is here and Lake Michigan's clear waters are open and beckoning you to come out and enjoy.

"The CNN 10: Dare to go, A frozen playground."

CNN "10 Dare to go: A frozen playground." by Katia Hetter

Standing at the top of the world, skis sliding on the shifting ice: Reaching the North Pole is the trip of a lifetime for some daring adventurers.

Does it sound too cold and scary to you, or maybe like too much work?

Don’t give up on the Arctic Circle. The northern pinnacle is just one spot to explore in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

"Sea Kayaking the Land of the Gods"

Sea Kayaking the Land of the Gods

Sea Kayaking the Land of the Gods

By Eugene Buchanan

"Unique Yoga Vacations",

The Northwest Passage's Belize Yoga & Wellness Retreat is featured in this article on unique yoga vacations.

"Meet Annie Aggens, Director of Polar Expeditions with Polar Explorers", Women's Adventure Magazine

Annie Aggens, Polar Explorers, Women's Adventure Magazine
Polar Explorers Director and Guide Annie Aggens is interviewed by Women's Adventure Magazine.

"10 Ways to Rock Your Summer", Chicago Parent Magazine

Rock climbing at Devil's Lake
The Northwest Passage's rock climbing trips are featured in this Chicago Parent Magazine Article.

"Fast, frenetic and fun: Travels on the thrilling side",

Dogsledding the BWCA with The Northwest Passage
The Northwest Passage offers thrilling dogsledding adventures in the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

"Kayaking Historic Crete with Dana Paskiewicz",

Kayakers off the coast of Crete, Greece
The Northwest Passage guide Dana Paskiewicz discusses kayaking the historic isle of Crete, Greece.

"Featured Traveler: Dana Paskiewicz", AFAR Magazine

Dana Paskiewicz, AFAR Magazine
Northwest Passage guide Dana Paskiewicz is spotlighted in AFAR Magazine as the 'Featured Traveler'.

"Sailors, paddle boarders clash in Wilmette", Chicago Tribune Local

chicago tribune, stand-up paddleboarding
The Northwest Passage's Keith Heger speaks to the Chicago Tribune about stand-up paddleboarding and on-water safety.

"New Trier Grad Postpones College to Climb the World’s Seven Summits", Wilmette-Kenilworth Patch

Taylor and Rick Sweitzer, Vinson Massif, Seven Summits
Northwest Passage family member and Assistant Polar Guide Taylor Sweitzer journeys to Antarctica and climbs Mt. Vinson Massif.

"New Trier Grad Seeks Higher Education", Wilmette Life, Chicago Sun-Times

Taylor Sweitzer, Aconcagua
Polar Explorer's own Taylor Sweitzer treks to the South Pole and climbs Mt. Vinson Massif

"Wilmette teen guides group to top of Antarctica", The Wilmette Beacon

taylor sweitzer, Antartica, South Pole, guide
Wilmette teen guides group of international travelers to the South Pole with PolarExplorers.

"Take a trip to the North Pole – Seriously", The Wilmette Life, A Chicago Sun-Times Publication

The Northwest Passage and Polar Explorers are featured in this Sun-Times article.

"Wilmette Teen Scales Highest Mountain in Antarctica", Wilmette-Kenilworth Patch

Taylor Sweitzer, South Pole, Mt. Vinson Massif
Taylor Sweitzer, 18, skies to the South Pole and successfully summits Mt. Vinson Massif.

"Teenager scales heights in South Pole", Chicago Tribune Local

South Pole, Antarctica
Taylor Sweitzer, 18, of Polar Explorers skied to the South Pole and reached the summit of Mt. Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica.

"Primal Fear: The Psychology of Being Lost", Trail Groove Magazine

TrailGroove, Annie Aggens, The Psychology of Being Lost
Our own Annie Aggens is interviewed in this article on the psychology of being lost in the wilderness.

"PolarExplorers: Wilmette guiding company takes adventurers to the top of the world", WGN Television

Marcus Leshock, WGN Television


"Timmins native Dale Shippam, a heart transplant survivor, is trekking to the South Pole!", TimminsTimes

Dale Shippam, heart transplant survivor, treks to the South Pole with PolarExplorers!

"Heart transplant recipient to ski south pole glaciers", CBC News

South Pole, Polar Explorers takes Dale Shippman on expedition
A Thunder Bay man and heart transplant recipient will soon embark on a journey to the South Pole to raise awareness about organ donation.

"A World Away", The Wilmette Beacon

South Georgia, Rick Sweitzer, Trek, Antarctic
Wilmette's Sweitzer leads trek across South Georgia Island.

"Antarctic Trek Retraces the Route of Shackleton and his Unseen Companion", Ely Echo

South Georgia, Rick Sweitzer, Trek, Antarctic
An account of the PolarExplorers' trek across South Georgia Island.

"Lake Michigan welcomes stand-up paddle", Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Sun-Times

By Kristine Reilly

Updated: August 7, 2012 9:18AM

There’s a lot of reasons for going to Hawaii, but if yours was stand-up paddleboarding, cancel that flight.

"Stand-up paddling will make you want to sing", Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune
Enjoy the increasingly popular Stand-up paddle board programs around Chicagoland. A great workout with beautiful scenery, enjoy Lake Michican on a Stand-up Paddle Board.