The Northwest Passage was Founded On ~

"The belief that there is no better way to fully experience the world than by engaging with it on its own terms."

Whether that means clambering over a pressure ridge on one of our North Pole expeditions or exploring a sea cave by kayak on the southern coast of Crete, we have an adventure of a lifetime that fits your activity and skill level.
These adventures are designed for the body, mind and soul, perfect for those who seek revitalizing vacations. As we like to say, come ready for a trip. Leave ready for anything.
Our decades of experience set us apart from the rest. We were at the forefront of adventure travel before anyone coined the term. Throughout our experience we've discovered the recipes for perfect adventure moments, whether it's the serenity of gazing down the majestic Samaria Gorge, the excitement of latching onto an accelerating wave as you surf a kayak to shore, or the beautifully simple contentedness of enjoying a hearty meal and conversation around the campfire.
Our family of guides are passionate about sharing their love of the outdoors with others, and provide a supportive environment that enables trip participants to stretch their perceived boundaries.
The Northwest Passage encourages you to experience the world from the vantage point of the trail, the waterway, the bike path, the mountainside, anything but the tour bus. Stop being a tourist and become an adventurer!

The Northwest Passage Offers ~ 

High Adventure