From: Longyearbyen, Norway
Price:$ 3,895
Duration: 10 Days, 9 Nights

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10 Days, 9 Nights
Sea Kayaking
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Longyearbyen, Norway
$ 3,895

Renowned for its soaring mountains, glaciers, alpine valleys and polar bears, Spitsbergen is an adventurer’s paradise. In recent years, it has also become a staging area for North Pole expeditions, including our own. Join us as we embark on a kayak camping journey through this arctic playground. The area we’ll be traveling is a protected wildlife refuge home to polar bears, Spitsbergen reindeer, Arctic fox and, along the coast, various sea mammals like walrus, ring seal, bearded seal, Greenland seal, hooded seal, white-nosed dolphin, narwhal and killer whales. Spitsbergen boasts the high Arctic’s greatest variation in nature and fauna, more than Arctic Canada, Greenland and Siberia.