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Crete's famous mud beach, Red Beach

Why is it called Red Beach?

There are two competing theories: (1) the especially soft sand has a conspicuous ruddy hue; (2) the beachcombers that choose to swim in their birthday suits are often sporting sunburnt buns.

We’re not sure what to believe. We just know that we don’t feel like our brains are fully adjusted to island time until we paddle or hike to Red Beach. There’s no driving option for our favorite Cretan beach. If you want to go there, you better be willing to work for it.

But like everywhere on our Crete Kayak Adventure itinerary, the work of going the extra few feet pays off in smiles for miles.

But what’s all this about Red Beach’s magical Minoan mud and its transcendent healing properties? Well, you’ll have to solve that mystery in person with us at Crete’s best beach.


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