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You Could Have Buns Like These

Backcountry Baking Tips! Cut the stress and the mess with the plastic bag method: Before leaving home, pre-mix all your dry ingredients in a sturdy plastic bag. Add your wet ingredients to the bag when you’re in the field. Knead or mix the dough and, if necessary, allow it to rest/rise while still in the bag. When you’re ready to bake, cut a hole in a corner of the bag and pipe the dough directly onto the pan.

Plan accordingly: Make sure to set aside enough time to enjoy the baking process and the products. Whipping up fresh cinnamon rolls and summiting on the same day might be too much to bite off.

Get the right gear: I like to use a sturdy lidded pan like the Fry-Bake. Place coals on the lid and / or underneath the pan according to your recipe. Make sure to separate your baking coals from the main fire pit, and always practice Leave No Trace campfire protocol.

A lightweight, sanitary prep surface is a dream to work on: Bring an extra trash compactor bag in your kitchen kit. It’s not your home kitchen countertop work surface but it will suffice! Wipe it and the exterior of a water bottle down with soap and water, and you’ve got yourself a backcountry rolling pin and work surface to roll and flour dough.


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