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An Italian Getaway: Aeolian Islands

The Aeolian Islands are truly a sight to be seen. This UNESCO World Heritage sight is a small cluster of islands located off the Northeastern coast of Sicily. These islands are famous for their spectacular scenery, rich history, pure Mediterranean water, and Italian charm. We invite you to join us on this kayak adventure weaving through the Aeolian Islands and exploring the best of what Italy has to offer.

Adventuring off the beaten path is something that The Northwest Passage strives for in every adventure. Most people wish they could experience these islands by kayak as paddling is truly the best way to see them. As we explore the stunning coastline there is plenty of time to relax and enjoy the scenery at leisure while also going for quick swims on secluded beaches in picturesque Mediterranean waters.

The volcanic nature of these islands gives them spectacular topography, and on our adventure, we have the opportunity to visit two of the most active volcanoes in Europe up close and in person. On day two of our trip we plan to hike from the beach to the rim of Vulcano. Because of its size and presence on the island, this volcano shares its name with the island it has created. The other active volcano in this island chain does not leave much room for people as it takes up the majority of the island. Stromboli is more active than Vulcano and regularly spews lava into the sea. Our adventure will take advantage of this remote setting and plan to circumnavigate the island during our stay. On the right nights, a boater can watch the red-hot lava flow down Sciara del Fuocointo into the sea, a truly unique and spectacular sight.

Not only do we get to experience the magic of the volcanos but we also get the chance to explore some of the fascinating history of these islands and the people that live there. An archaeological museum on the largest island of Lipari is world famous for its collection of shipwrecked artifacts and the building itself, originally designed to fortify the island.

Like all places in Italy, the food is wonderful, the people are friendly, and traveling is fun and easy. The Aeolian Islands are considered to be a gem of the Mediterranean and some of the best that Italy has to offer. These islands make for an ideal spot for people looking to get away and relax while still physically engaging with their surroundings. It is hard to get a room without a view. Hope you join us on this spectacular adventure.

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