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Epharisto poli, Crete

By: Ryan Allen

Epharisto poli! My eyes open, I see white. My thoughts churn, I hear doves. I look outside, I see blue and sea...

There's sand on the floor, I'm in Crete. Today is life, not just any day. We'll be on the water, interacting. Among cliffs and rocks in a breeze with some spritz, in a myth.

Paddle to the point where your muscles get tight then tuck into the bay. When you see the old tree you're close to the trail. Step back onto land and work your way up to a cleft in the rock.

The dark shadow is cool, a nice place to lie and let the breeze dwindle. Your eyes open and feeling afresh, look out at the blue ...sea and sky... this isn't a dream, it's a myth, you're in Crete.


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