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Food, Love, and Adventure

Who doesn’t love great food? Exquisite Greek cuisine delights while you’re visiting the enchanting isles, and reanimates treasured memories after your return. We seek adventure and relive our travels with all five senses.

When it comes to gyros pita, trust us, none compare to those at the Notos Cafe in Matala, Crete. The flavor, unmatched. The portion, gigantic. The hospitality, as warm as family, and that’s what we hold most dearly.

We’re saddened to report that the beloved matriarch of Notos has passed away. Alexandra, affectionately known as Yia-yia and Grandma, melted our hearts and welcomed us to our “second home” for decades. She spoke sparse English but could convey a wellspring of affection with her smile. There was such joy and warmth in every visit. Her example is a reminder to cherish the important things in this life.

We love you and miss you, Alexandra. Se agapame.


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