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Weaving dreams like no guide book can!

The Crete Kayaking Adventure amazes paddlers of all abilities. The gorgeous waterway and awe-inspiring coastal mountains make one wonder, “Why are we the only ones out here?”

If you had only one night on Crete, you should eat at Anna’s Beyond the Sunset Taverna in Matala.

The food is superb. The location is see-it-to-believe-it cool. Anna is the “Hostess with the Most-est”.

Anna and her “coworkers” (three generations of her impossibly cheery family) are beyond superlative.

They’re at the grill. They’re baking complimentary desserts. They exude energy. The seven-year-old granddaughter occasionally handles the beer bottle table service. They create an experience that exceeds the sum of its parts.

It’s like their restaurant becomes its own self-sustaining ecosystem of joyful hospitality, terrific food, and laughter. It’s an unforgettable haven perched along the Greek Isles’ most beautiful coastline.

We love to visit, but we love even more to share this treasure with others.


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